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66 dragons under your bed

Below your room, the 66 columns of our “Dragon Corridor’’ stand to attention to bring you double prosperity. Each column is topped by a 3-metre high dragon’s head, carved from five million year old granite and weighing 50 tons.

Pangu Hotel Header

Pangu 7 Star Hotel is China’s newest icon and the latest masterpiece of world- renowned architect C.Y. Lee, the man behind the famous Taipei 101. Our Luxury 7 Star hotel is the pinnacle of Pangu Plaza near the Water Cube, featuring breathtaking views of Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre of dreams as well as world class office space, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, lavish residences and the breathtakingly opulent Sky Courtyards.

The Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing official website is www.panguhotel.com and we have no authorization to any website. The hotel reserves the rights to sue illegal website should we find any.